Sales & Marketing Executive (Logistics)

Posted: 11-05-2020
Location: Yangon
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description

1 Build Relationship and coordiante with customer ,capture and analyze customer's need correctly      
1.1 Able to do costing and pricing structure                  
1.2 Visit customer and arrange meeting to update customer's need (Collect data and analyse for performance to present to customer)
2 Coordinate with supplier and operation team to response customer's need          
3 Approach new customer to provide service                
4 Explore routing/customer's plant and destination to see the real transportation situation        
5 Do past performance analysis to forecast future plan and do marketing annual paln        
6 Do other assignments which assigned by the supervisor              

Job Requirement

1 Interpersonal skill and influencing skill  
2 Good planner and have ability of problem solving skill
3 Good looking and smart thinking  


Salary + Mobile allowance

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