Posted: 04-09-2019
Location: Yangon
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description

-All the way to keep issuing POSM list by way of monthly and annual list compiled.
- Call card by way of day-to-day bookkeeping and report sent by the HOD would receive Mail.
- Presentation prepared for various advertising invoices, get approved and installed, which will be issued / signs and other support materials in the signed agreement, The installation of signs and process the relevant contact persons and installation work, dedication issued / completed status report back to headquarters and record keeping.
- way to maintain a list of their credit comfirmation ASM, and helping to deliver a contact phone shops.
- All the Way to Customer issued Sporting list update
-Sales Support Team of business items and monthly inspections, Weekly report to be submitted to the headquarters and manage folders. Activity Promotion record, when requesting information from above
- Trip Sales Way oversees the vehicle when loaded onto stock.
- Consignment shops monthly Checking Stock List, and continue to be able to sell more products.
- Prepare the required format for Sales Team.
-Way Delivery report from viber, slack & E.mail not missing from the inspection, The update is sales manager. Planning and coordination in order to send.
- New Customer records, photos and related documents monthly Saving placed.
-Sales Support Incentive to calculate monthly .Intown way through the daily way to Viber sending Christian pastor
-Responsible for new staff to work at becoming a professional staff trained.
- Running the relevant HOD assigned tasks as required.

Job Requirement

*Must be work at Mandalay Office
*Must be a graduate with any degree
*Must have 3years and above experience in related field
*Excellent Computer skills ( Microsoft Office Word, Excel) Internet & Email
*Must have Strong data analysis skills 
*Good knowledge instatistic and accounting
*Be familiar with the sales management system
*Strong work ethics,communication skill and high work rate


* Attractive Salary
* Incentive and Yearly bonus 
* Travelling allowance
* Monthly Birthday and Anniversary celebrations
* Rewards for over performanc

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