Posted: 23-10-2019
Location: Yangon
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description

● Understanding the nature of the Group’s businesses and the way processes are carried out currently.
● Designing a plan to carry out a digital transformation of the processes, and getting buy-in and commitment from the Management.
● Defining the resources needed in terms of departmental resources, portfolio of solutions and set of implementation partners.
● Managing said resources to ensure that IT services are available to the users in an efficient and secure manner.
● Reviewing Group IT policies to address internal consistency and business requirements.
● Building a strong IT team and ensuring succession planning.

Job Requirement

● 5+ years’ experience in IT management role for a large company
● University degree in IT or related disciplines
● Successful completion of an MBA or equivalent degree is a plus
● Proven ability to get things done, take the initiative and mobilize resources to solve problems
● Excellent communication skills, with emphasis on the ability to listen and understand others’ needs
● Hard working attitude, comfortable with long hours


Travelling Allowance (If Travel)

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