IT Engineer (YGN)

Posted: 06-01-2022
Location: Bahan Township
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description

  1. Ensure stable network and business system(ERP System)in Retail Shops.Offices and Factories.
  2. Monitoring and Checkup Office Network System.Integration and Replication on Cloud Servers and CCTV Systems.
  3. Designing and installing IT infrastructure.
  4. Troubleshooting network and software Issues.

Highly care in company data security.

  1. Take care company data and regular servicing to computers and IT equipment.
  2. Schedule plan and data backup for unforeseen cases.such as system hacking,hardware Failure and disasters.
  3. Support for ecommerce system.
  4. User Support and Software implementation of POS System for Dealers, providing it to the respective users.

Job Requirement

  • Diploma/Degree in IT.
  • Must have 2 years experience in related field.
  • Able to work under stress situation,Can work under pressure.
  • Determine the rationale and innovative troubleshooting methods for upgrading company network and software programmes each time an update is released.
  • Overseeing and determining timeframes.


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