Posted: 09-04-2024
Location: Mayangon Township
Job Type: Full-Time
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Job overview

Offered salary
Mid Level (3-6 years)

Job Description

  1. Communicating the goals of the company to all engineers and professionals in the team.
  2. Supporting from technical side and involving in the sales meeting.
  3. Fullfill the inventories and order replacement, and ensure the backup supplies which are ready for efficient repair.
  4. Can manage in tradein process
  5. Supervising every phase of the project from start to completion.
  6. Calculating costs, material, labor, and time required for each project.
  7. Delegating tasks to engineering teams.
  8. Supervising staff training as well as equipment installation.
  9. Performing quality control checks on all systems and products.
  10. Quickly resolving disputes between staff.
  11. Acknowledging or rewarding good work.
  12. Analyzing data and drafting reports for review.
  13. Installing and maintaining equipment
  14. Assist with the operation maintenance and repair of equipment
  15. Manage project schedules and budget to meet project requirements
  16. Manage and assign resources as needed within the engineering team
  17. Function as a technical specialist or in a lead role.

Job Requirement

  1. B.E (EC) or AGTI (EC)
  2. At least 5 years experiences or interest in the Medical equipment field
  3. English 4 skills and Computer skill A+ and Networking.
  4. Good command English four skills.
  5. At least 4 years of experience leading or supervising a team.
  6.  Outstanding team player and leadership skills.
  7. A sound understanding of engineering principles.
  8. The ability to maintain a positive attitude and restore morale to a team.
  9. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  10. The ability to process negative feedback and remain professional.
  11. Ability to work independently, cooperate with other teams, strong leadership and problemsolving skills, strategic management skill, organizing abilities and presentation skills.
  12. The ability to work onsite.
  13. Ability to travel.


45 hours per week normally 9 hours per day , Sat ,Sun , Public Holiday, Phone Bill Allowance, Trip Allowance          

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