Cho Cho Co., Ltd
  • No. Employees : 1001-5000 employees
  • Employer Industry : FMCG


  Cho Cho Co., Ltd. The Holding Company of  Group that dates its roots back to 1989.

  Yathar Cho Industry Ltd. “To Become a Globally Competitive Company in the Food Processing Business” started operations in 1997.

  The market leader in the instant noodle category as well as one of the largest food manufacturers in Myanmar.

  The fastest growing instant noodle company in terms of market share and sale.

  ISO 9001-2015, HACCP, GMP Compliant Company.

  The only instant noodle wheat noodle company in Myanmar that has successfully exported its products to overseas markets.

  One of the top 100 tax payers in the country Cho Cho Industry Ltd. “To Produce Safe, Nutritious and Innovative Foods for the World” started operations in 2001.

  The one and only instant vermicelli manufacturer in the country with market leadership in its category.

 Innovative research and development culture that has resulted in new product categories
and proprietary techniques.

  The only instant rice noodle manufacturer in Myanmar that has successfully exported its products to overseas markets Myanmar Zarla Distribution Co., Ltd. “Delivering Values” started operations in 2005.

  Nationwide foot print with over 15 branch offices.

  Present in all channels of distribution covering over 25,000 outlets of true reach.

  Experience cooperating with local and international principals.

  Modern and dynamic ICT infrastructure deployment for efficient operations.

  One of the fastest growing distribution houses in Myanmar Deep understanding of the food distribution business.

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