Posted: 19-10-2020
Location: Bago Township
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description

  • To follow-up on preventive and breakdown maintenance programs.
  • To ensure that rules and regulations set by the company are adhered to by the Maintenance staff and contractors.
  • To identify, build, and manage human and other resources to meet Quality, Cost, Delivery, and safety targets.
  • Interact with and provide service or support to other Departments.
  • Ensure Genba kanri(GK) activities are carried out and facilitate improvement in the Maintenance Dept.
  • To discharge duty assigned by the superior when and where necessary.
  • Ensure roles of Maintenance Personnel are carried out effectively.
  • To ensure all activities that affect the environment be done in compliance with Environmental Requirements.
  • To ensure maintenance activities conducted does not lead to environmental pollution.
  • Ensure any waste generated from maintenance activities is disposed of properly.
  • Ensure production machinery is maintained to reduce the impact (such as pollution) to the environment.
  • To liaise with the principal on any update on environmental requirements.

Job Requirement

  • Can communicate with foreigner
  • Must have at least 3 years in a related field.
  • Can go abroad for training
  • Must have human management 


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